Taaleb’s Accounting module allows you to easily manage the money flowing in and out of the institution. Manage your Fees vouchers, sales invoices, while keeping expenses in check. Record, monitor and reconcile your bank accounts and transactions, and collaborate with your accountant in real-time. Most importantly, Accounting module in Taaleb helps you make better, more informed and stay on top of your annual budgeting.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Ledger: Useful to track various internal funds like student activity funds to athletic or faculty funds. Taaleb offers unlimited number of accounts, sub-accounts with at most performance.
  • Daybook: Helps to maintain a descriptive and chronological record of day-to-day financial transactions.


      Sales daybook, for recording all the sales invoices Sales credit daybook for recording all the sales credit notes Purchase daybook for recording all the purchase invoices Receipts day book for money received and payment daybook for money paid out
  • Daily Collection report:The daily collection report displays all transactions, student’s payments, for the day or date range.
  • Balance Sheet: Provides the statement of the financial position of the institution which states the assets, liabilities etc. in a particular point in time.
      The Income Statement, which shows the net income for a particular period of time such as a month, quarter, year or any particular time interval. The expense statement shows the movements of cash and cash equivalents in and out of the institutions.

Fees Collection

Taaleb offers School fees collection module, makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paperless management.

This Module is created specifically to speed up and atomize the work of fee collection and receipt generation with the aim to minimize the human error which occurs mainly at receipt counter.

Fee Module enables to maintain fee receipts and outstanding amounts of student. Class and section wise fee reports can be generated for different months. Fee collection program can be customized according to school’s rule and regulations. It has configurable structure for fines and its calculations thereof


  • Instant fees payment
  • Fees Payment by class
  • Fees Reminder with SMS
  • Class wise fees due report
  • Option for partial payment
  • Customization option to categorize fees structure based on concessions
  • Online fees payment facility with debit, credit cards and net banking
  • Daily fees collection register


Taaleb School management software has introduced the best feature of Transport Management which facilitates better security to students and parents. This module tracks and maintains all the details related to transportation which includes vehicle name, route details, transportation fees etc. which is created easiness to maintain details about transportation data also transport fee collection is quite easy of the predefined structure.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Easy to upload data for the route (Pick up/ Drop off) with all transportation details through an easy to use Taaleb Transportation module.
  • Vehicle/ class / Student wise transportation setting
  • Provision to instantly inform parents with SMS notification for any kind of changes in the vehicle schedule
  • Option to set multiple routes for a particular student
  • Option to collect fees monthly, weekly and daily
  • Transportation fees collection report and due report are maintained properly

Ad on Feature in Taaleb for Transportation:

  • Bus Tracking System: Allow you to perform live monitoring of all the buses and other vehicles in your transport fleet using the GPS tracking software to ensure parent’s peace of mind.
  • Bus Tracking App: Empower parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child(ren) is travelling using the Taaleb’s School Bus Tracking App.


Taaleb’s Library Management Module allows you to manage the whole library through its simple interactive interface. The librarian can manage all the library item details and keep a track on all the books that are issued. Even fine collection can issue to late return on the book. All the details of the books such as author name, edition, price, etc. can be stored in the database.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Carries out complete task of manual library functions without any hassle
  • Librarian can issue, return and reserve book for a particular student through the software’s interface.
  • Automatic calculation of fine levied by counting days from the date of issue in case of late return of the book
  • Add, Update, search and view library items online.
  • Student can check the availability of a particular book online
  • Generate customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection


Hostel management by manual way is tedious process, since it involves work load and time consumption. In this system, we can easily manage the hostel details, room details, student records, mess expenditure, mess bill calculation, easy way of room allocation and hostel attendance. Thus there are a lot of repetition can be easily evaded which has reduced the data redundancy.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Allotment of rooms
  • Defining list of wardens
  • Hostel Fees Collection
  • Keeps a record of hostel ins and outs
  • Daily expenses of hostel
  • Generates customized reports for further reference
  • Dues and refund report at the end of semester and year


Complete student information is entered into Taaleb software at the time of admission to make it available whenever needed. The information collected includes the details like Name, DOB, Address for correspondence, Permanent address, Parent and local guardian details, Course selection details, Qualification details, Health details etc. This feature in Taaleb makes admission process completely transparent to all the stakeholders.

Once admission is done, the software generates Login ID and password for the particular student and parent. The login credentials will be send to the parents by sms as well as email. Using the login ID and password, parents get school updates throughout the completion of the course using Taaleb mobile APP.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Entire admission process of the student for each academic year are maintained properly
  • Provision to upload softcopies of student’s certificates
  • Complete view of student admission details with photo
  • Search based on student name, class, id etc.
  • Generate customized reports to get statistics of student admission
  • Student category wise reports/ class wise reports

ID Card Generation

Taaleb’s ID Card Designer Module allows users to create attractive and professional identification cards for both students and staffs in no time at all.

Inbuilt Features:

  • QR code feature
  • Quick and easy to make high quality ID Cards
  • Different Photo shapes (Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Simple Rectangle)
  • Design student ID Card with one or two sided (Front and Back side) as per requirement
  • Software provides facility to quickly design student ID cards using pre-defined templates
  • Facilitate to print created ID Card using advanced printing settings.

HR and Payroll

The HR and Payroll module in Taaleb software is capable of accepting and cataloging all personal details of teachers and other support staff of your institution in one location. The software acts as enhanced utility solution to plan leave policies according to the type of staff members. On the basis of merits, they are entitled to, the provisions of compensation and deduction can be customized. Taaleb is beneficial in classification of rights for employees such as number of leaves to be granted to them and similar provisions. Similarly, based on the shift rotations half day schedule can be lined up in payroll system.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Keep safe all documents of your current and previous employees by digitizing the records
  • Ensure timely disbursement of salary for all employees
  • Provision to upload bank account details of all employees along with other data
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Set allowances and deductions
  • Auto generate and email enabled pay slip generation for all employees
  • Break up reports of entire pay cycle wit deductions can be generated
  • Automatic LOP calculation

News and Events

Taaleb’s News and Events module helps students and parents to stay updated with events across all departments within the institutions. School conducts events on regular basis across different teams, departments etc. All the events are shown on Taaleb APP, each user – Admin, Parent, Student, Teacher get notifications of any new events or news added on the software. Events can be added with text and photos that can be displayed for all users. Every stakeholder within the school is kept informed at all times.

Inbuilt Features:

  • News and Events listing
  • Event photos upload
  • Uploading of invitations
  • Event Details
  • Event alert/ News alert by SMS

SMS Facility

One of the powerful module in Taaleb is SMS System which connects parents with school on a single click. Any information (generalized/personalized), which is to be given to parents, can be send via SMS on their mobiles. Fee reminder, student absent information, General Information also can be given by using this system.

Whenever some emergency lockdown situations, daily information updates, change of schedule for sports team’s events or school’s buses, weather related scheduling changes etc. occur then the school can send bulk SMS to the parents at the same time.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Inbuilt messaging system
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user in the system
  • Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents
  • Recording communications with students
  • Prior information can be informed about school events, news and holidays


During an academic year, the student’s academic excellence and performance analysis can be review based on the different types of examinations, test, assignments etc. schools now get an option to use powerful Taaleb software combined with student exam module that allows not only to create results but also manage results. School results can, therefore, be easily managed through student exam module where each examination can be defined and calculations run in real time giving parents and students more than 6 different analytics including class average, percentage, grade etc.

Student Exam module is also compatible with university boards, school boards, or can be customized on the basis of school or college requirement.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Create Examinations
  • Create class wise exams/tests
  • Hall ticket generation
  • Question Paper generation
  • Subject wise mark sheets
  • Download/Print student wise report card
  • Real-time mobile updates on parent’s mobile
  • Various report formats
  • Suitable for different education boards
  • Certificate Generation


Taaleb’s Attendance module is designed to handle the various attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes.

Security of students, staff or existing infrastructure has very importance in educational sector. Simultaneously maintaining attendance records of students and staff is must, to retain discipline within the institute. Taaleb supports educational foundations to generate attendance reports for current date/month, last month or even for defined date. Proxy attendance can be reduced to a great extent using this feature.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Automatic sms alert to parents in case of student is absent
  • Daily/Monthly attendance register
  • Manage attendance of all the students and staff from one place
  • Cumulative term, mid-term and annual attendance report can be generated
  • Integrated with holiday management module so that holidays are already assigned in the attendance
  • Facility to import and export the student and staff attendance for a specific period


The entire student life cycle from the time of admission to recruitment is well formulated and maintained in Taaleb. The student information module helps to generate student id-card, various examine reports, student behavior reports etc.

Our solution provides complete automation to students and administration regarding their correlated tasks to accomplish academic goals on both the sides. Taaleb is a complete integrated system, which doesn’t only record information but manages every academic activity of each student. Real time data and easy access allow you to keep control on student’s information and record data of their each task so that organization can generate reports and assess student’s development in the organization.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Data storage and management
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Retention and Migration
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Easily track record of student attendance
  • Automatic percentile rank report generation
  • Quite simply fetching leave reason of student data
  • Available student emergency contact records
  • Alumni student can be find out on single click


Taaleb provides the parent portal which help parents to get updates about their student time to time.

Every student has a unique login and it is provided to student’s parents also so they are, anytime login into the portal.

Inbuilt Features:

  • The Parent is getting access just by getting ID and Password facility
  • Parents can access their child’s academic profile and track class performance, attendance, faculty comments, disciplinary actions etc.
  • Date wise absent details available
  • Examination details like timetables, rescheduling, hall tickets, rules and regulation related to exam and others.
  • Online accessibility of student results
  • Teacher / Student / Parent online communication is facilitated.
  • Online access to circulars, events, schedule changes and urgent messages requiring response
  • Details of all fees records, its payments, its scheme, receipts, debit note.
  • Parents can see their child homework details
  • Holiday details available so parents can plan, schedule regarding vacation


The need of an access portal for teachers is very much important in school ERP software as they are an integral part of education system. Taaleb provides user friendly dashboards for teachers, non-teaching staff and management personals at your institution.

Taaleb has various learning methods that help in improving the way of teaching in the schools. This education ERP software has the ability to improve the quality of teaching. It enables a better communication between parents and teachers that helps in student’s academics growth. Teacher’s module in Taaleb has the features of attendance, mark card submission of each class, time table for each day, teaching methods etc. This section is secured with password so that a second party cannot come into the other’s module. It reduces the stress and effort of a teacher in managing the details, records of each and every student and their academic activities.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Teachers can remotely access to their classes
  • Easy to mark attendance from their mobile using Taaleb mobile app
  • They can enter progress report details from their login
  • They can see or provide feedback about the student’s growth
  • Teachers can upload digital videos as reference materials for students

Mobile App

Taaleb mobile App covers every question a parent might want to ask and a school might want to answer. If you own a school, then you know what it feels like when there is a horde of calls coming to your administration team. The App allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected at all times. It has comprehensive features ranging from user control management to multimedia messaging.

Our mobile App for schools help administrators in a variety of ways. Send a message via text, email, or social media when on the go. Reach busy parents with your most important messages. Keep your learning community connected and engaged. It’s all possible with Taaleb mobile App.

Inbuilt Features:

  • Pop – Up messages and instant alerts
  • Built – in homework and schedule tracker
  • Teachers can mark attendance using app and school admins will get online reports
  • Classwork / Assignments with audio, video and documents
  • Fees and Time Table management
  • One touch payments